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The Process


Lovingly Handcrafted in India

Paper making is an ancient skill in India. Cotton rags and textile scraps are chopped, pulped and dyed and spread over a  mesh screen. The cellulose rich fibres then bind together to form the paper. Excess water is squeezed out and each sheet is hung out to dry. The sheets are then pressed in a calendering machine to smooth out the creases.


We Spice it Up

At Paper Mirchi, we blend our passion for creativity and design with this age old technique of paper making to produce fabulous paper that you will love! With a wealth of experience in the textile industry, we incorporate interesting printing and dyeing techniques in an array of striking colours to bring to you an exclusive product. Cotton paper has exceptional strength - so we've even tried our hand at embroidery, and guess what? worked!


Let your Imagination Take Over

Our paper makes stunning gift wrap but there is no end to its possible uses. Art & craft, origami and book binding are to mention just a few. You may love our paper so much, that you may want to frame it and hang it up on your wall!


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